September 2018 Venice & Oktoberfest Rally

GT Rally Logo VENICE Casanova's   An amazing road trip to the stunning City of  Venice, where the great lover Casanova exercised his freedom in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.  The World Class Bavarian Munich Oktoberfest and Walt Disney’s inspiration.  All of these can be yours on this awesome ‘Drive of a lifetime’.  Surely this must be the very best party that has ever existed.  Join us on an adventure you’ll never forget

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 – The Rally in Brief –


The Six Countries Challenge

France – Italy – Austria – Germany – Luxembourg – Belgium


– The Rally in Detail –

Friday Evening 21st September – Pre Rally briefing in Kent

Our first night in a lovely Hotel in beautiful Kent.  Time here for introductions, where all the GT Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  Meet & Greet:-  An overall briefing of  the Rally will be given at 8pm in the Bar, including detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll have a Fun quiz for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving, this is always good for a hearty laugh, especially as the wine flows……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The Rally begins tomorrow as you arrive in Calais, but the excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins here along with meeting strangers who will become your good friends.

Day 1… Saturday 22nd

We begin our Rally from Calais and head for Central France.

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We’ll ensure you have co-ordinates for  really interesting places and events along the route.  These include such splendour as Versailles and necessities like vineyards to visit with wine to be tasted.

GT Rally

And a plethora of WW1 & WW11 sites to be in awe of

Each evening, we meet up to discover how our other Globe Trotters have mis-ordered food and have delighted with the unexpected.  The following days destination are given with much more detail along with Sat Nav co-ordinates BUT you choose which route you would rather take.

Day 2…Sunday 23rd

We head towards Italy and you might choose to navigate through the stunning skiing village of Chamonix  as you head towards the mighty Mont Blanc mountain.

GT Rally Mont Blanc

Driving straight through it along the legendary Monte Blanc Tunnel to reach Italy on the other side. At over 7 miles, this was the longest tunnel in the world when it opened in 1965.

Day 3…Monday 24th Venice is calling us 

Navigation skills are put to the test again (thank goodness for SatNavs) as the next leg of the Rally heads us towards Venice.

We’ll stay near Venice for an entire day, long enough to allow you to catch the boat and approach Venice from the sea, surely the most magnificent way to arrive and appreciate the majesty of Venice.  Take in St. Marks Square and enjoy a ride in a gondola .

GT Rally Venice

From the Hotel, a boat ride to in Venice, surely the most majestic way to arrive.

GT Rally Venice

Day 4…… Tuesday 25th We’re here in Venice ALL DAY. 

In the late 16th Century, Venice was home to Italy’s greatest lover, Casanova. Venice traded in many goods and services at this time and you can visit  ‘The Bridge of Boobs’ where Courtesans would display their wares to the very rich and prosperous merchants as they passed by.

GT Rally Venice Coutizan

 We sleep here near Venice, then we’re off to another World Class Event

Day 5…… Wednesday 26th

We’re off to Munich BUT first, you might like to pop into the World Famous Castle that inspired Walt Disney to unashamedly copy it and use it as HIS corporate logo ….. Stunning isn’t it, and yes, we have the Sat Nav co-ordinates too.

Cunning calculations, immaculate timing and this Leg of the Rally will see us arrive at the Oktoberfest 2018.  We’ve journeyed from Casanova’s Venice in Italy to the amazing Bavarian Munich Oktoberfest to enjoy the Cultural Celebration of the hop, which is taken very seriously as the pictures below show.


Day 6 …….Thursday 27th and we’re going to OKTOBERFEST

We’re here for the Famous and best Lowenbrau Tent.  Our reserved tables, Steins and Chicken are laid on for the GT Rally.  These Bavarians really know how to throw a party where everybody, is every bodies friend.  If you only go to one party in your life, make sure it’s at the Munich Oktoberfest in the Lowenbrau Marquee.  Entrance is by ticket only and we have one for YOU.

GT Rally

GT Rally

 Day 7…….. Friday 28th

We head North to Luxembourg, near the FI Racing Curcuit of the Nurburgring.  Here, we celebrate our fantastic time together.  The Challenge of driving through Europe, the culture and most amazing fun. We’ve done so much in a single week.

Day 8……..Saturday 29th

Calais is our destination, but surely we have time for lunch in Belgium’s medieval Bruges.  What an amazing Rally, you’ve seen so much, tried so many things and enjoyed so many different cultures all in a week.

GT Rally Brugges


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