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The GT Rally will conquer Extreme Roads and Passes in Switzerland, and many other Challenges including the World Class Bridge in Millau, France and European Formula 1 Race Tracks , all of which are considered truly exceptional by  ‘TOP GEAR’.  To say you have completed the GT Rally is a real Achievement.

Greg Warwick (European Rally Specialist)

GT Rally Logo


Welcome to the GT Rally.  The Challenge of Driving your own Car through Europe, testing yourself and your car on a worthy Adventure.   Enjoy all those quirky European things that our neighbours are so very good at, like the Munich Oktoberfest. Although not a race, you will be given the Sat Nav/Map Coordinates for each leg of the rally, usually the next evenings Hotel, where we all meet up again and share our stories of bravery or discoveries.  During the day, you can use any route you desire, allowing you to enjoy the Crazy Culture of our European Cousins, there are always interesting things to see, visit and experience.  With at least one full day at our  prime destination, you will remember this for the rest of your life. 

COSTS are below

What you’ll need

 A reliable car, a navigator or co-pilot, a passport (and visas if you’re not a European National), excellent map reading skills & map OR Garmin Sat Nav with European maps, a few pennies to purchase fuel, tolls, possibly some vignettes (road tax) depending on which countries you visit, food and anything that grabs your eye, and finally, a toothbrush in a bag with more than one set of under clothes.  

What’s Included:

GT Rally Hotel reception Munich


The Beautiful Traditional Hotels will reflect the countries we visit.  We provide Bed & Breakfast everyday to set you up for each day’s adventure.  In the evenings, a briefing for the next leg will take place, usually in the bar and then European culture is just outside, waiting to be discovered, along with the local night life and cuisine.

Rally Expertise

With the research, organisation and experience, our representatives will greet you each day at your new Hotel with Details and Coordinates of the next leg of the Rally.

Details of your Rally

General details about your driving adventure abroad are posted on this website in each rally,  allowing you to research the route and visit key places of interest to you.  More detailed and up to date information will be  disseminated at the ‘Pre Rally Briefing’. Feel free to call 07976 362436 between 11am – 8pm week days with ANY query.


DID YOU KNOW:  You can join a similar rally to this which is more cost sensitive Fireball Rally

GT Rally 2019:-

Paris to Amsterdam 2019 ……………………… 27th – 28th April 2019  (Prices to be confirmed) based on two people sharing a twin/double bedroom.

James Bond to Oktoberfest 2019 ………….. 22nd – 28th September 2019 (Prices to be conformed) based on two people sharing a twin/double bedroom.

If you would prefer a double bed, please let us know as this can usually be arranged.  Should you be a team of one or a team of several people, please let us know.  We can usually arrange minor miracles with enough notice.  Just call Greg …. he’s been known to pull some lovely surprises out of the bag from time to time.

Stopping for a Day

Whether it’s Venice, Monte Carlo, Oktoberfest or Pula, unless it’s a two day rally, we always Stop for at least One whole Day to Relax and Entirely Enjoy a Destination.

Channel Crossing  (not included)

As the rally both begins in Calais and finishes in Calais, you can choose any method to get there.  Both P&O Ferries and Euro Tunnel would be an obvious choice, but please don’t let me stop your creative endeavours. 

Why a circular route?

 The GT Rally always completes a circular route that goes to our prime destination, and continues back to Calais by another great route.

The idea of just going on a one way trip to a destination, to leave your car behind and fly back is great, if you’re taking an ambulance to a third world country for them to use….BUT not in Europe???   To try and sell your right hand drive car in left hand drive Europe makes no sense, and then book a flight back seems to be a poor way to end an exciting adventure.  OR……to drive back with the trouble and expense (between £90 – £180 per night) of finding a bed for the night, every night,  on your way back home in a foreign country alone, seems like treachery.

Good Advice

We have a six page ‘Information Pack’ from how to get the FREE use of a car, to really great prices ( from £38) on European Breakdown Recovery, to what medical entitlements you have abroad.  The GT Rally really does more.  You’ll always find us at the end of a phone for advice, queries or just to give you some encouragement: 24/7 during the Rally and between 11am – 8pm at other times  07976 362436.

Travel around Europe on an adventure with new and existing friends.  Soak up the sights, sounds and smells of many of the historic cities, castles, roads and views of many countries.  Do it for charity, do it for the adventure or simply do it for the challenge.

The Awesome Challenge of conquering so many international countries in just a week makes the famous GT Rally an Amazing Adventure.


April 2019 – Paris to Amsterdam

Paris to Amsterdam Rally 


September 2019 – Oktoberfest

James Bond’s Switzerland and Munich Oktoberfest


For more information, just send an email with your name, address and the name of the Rally which inspires you the most




 ensure your team place today, with your deposit

Terms & Conditions

Please note our straightforward terms and conditions;

1. Just like driving in Britain, you will be driving your vehicle, (not us) and you must be very clear that you will be entirely responsible for your actions, decisions and outcomes including road safety during this trip, and you will be required to sign a disclaimer reflecting this before departure.

2. Just like driving in Britain, and, as it will be your vehicle that is used, you are responsible for it’s road worthiness and maintenance and all associated documents, including a valid driving licence, insurance and, should it be necessary,  breakdown recovery and repatriation.

3. Punctuality.  Whilst we have designed the GT Rally to be very flexible, allowing you to travel at your own pace and to see the sights that you would like to see, there are some Key Times that you must meet, such as Channel Crossing departures, Breakfast times and hotel departures.  These times are your responsibility.

4. A deposit of £100 per person is required to secure your place on the GT Rally. Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to a friend not already booked to go, or you may transfer your deposit to another GT Rally or Fireball Rally up to twelve months from your original rally date, providing no expenses have already been paid on your behalf, ie Hotel rooms, car decals made for your team etc.

5. The balance of the GT Rally fee must be paid and cleared at least 5 weeks before our Meet & Greet in Kent.

6. In case of any disputes between any parties, we will try our hardest to resolve issues in a fair and just manner. We hope that you will be just as reasonable.  We’ve never had a problem , but ‘just in case’.  Ultimately, our judgement will be the final word.

7. By completing and returning the registration forms, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions and release the Directors of any responsibility for any damages or injuries, howsoever caused.

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